Production Room

Production Room

This area has the latest technology to produce our wines whilst respecting their individual character.

It contains  our set of stainless steel deposit tanks with capacities of 15,000, 20,000, and 26,500 litres, as well as filtering and cold stabilisation equipment.

Barrel Room

Space for developing crianzas and reservas., All the processes necessary for controlling the ageing and maturing  of the wine are carried out here. To this end, we have a specific air conditioning system for this room.

Our wines are stored in Bordeaux barrels made from American and French oak.


This part of the winery is structured in a functional way for our oenologists, and includes an office and the laboratory.

It has all the necessary  components and machines to analyse, monitor, and study our grapes, musts, and wine.

Connected to the production room.

Bottle Room

This is where our wines rest until they reach a perfect harmony and are ready to be released on the market. This period is aimed at improving the organoleptic properties of our wines.

It is perfectly equipped, with an air conditioning system, and all the necessary components for monitoring the physical and chemical parameters.

Bottling and labeling

Space reserved for bottling and labelling our wines. It is completely sterile and separated from the rest of the rooms. It has a microfiltration system.

With a bottling capacity of 1,800 bottles per hour.

Tasting Room

It is located in a different building from the production room. Place for tasting our wines.

It has a dining room that dates from 1890 and is decorated in a rustic manner (farm tools, antique doors, chimneys, etc.). It also has a fitted kitchen.


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